Phasing out of turnkey sites, hosting & freelance work

I’m sorry to do this but I can’t afford to keep going, I’m not breaking-even anymore in web design. The yearly license for Ultimo membership management plus the cost of the Nicepage license unlimited are eating into my budget as well as the hosting, domain names, wildcard SSL etc.

Effective May 1st, 2023 I will NOT be renewing the Ultimo membership license due to needing to put it on credit card, and I will shut down sign ups here as well. I will renew the Nicepage license just 1 more year but will reduce the layouts I have provided as I close out some of the child sites. These hosted sites will remain online if possible until late – end January 2024, and I will allow the frozenpeachsitesdotcom name to expire. I will not renew the wildcard SSL for $100 in 2024 either.

The ultimo plugin is on Black Friday special, but then the pricing is going up where I definitely can’t afford. So I’m effictively being priced out. I have now cancelled the renewal. Should I need to build anymore networks of sites they will be used for more private use purposes.

The Frozen Peach Galleries will remain in place a good while, however the photo library at frozenpeachphotosdotcom and that website will also be discontinued in the coming year. I’m waiting until after the holiday season to make any big changes.

So to save money I need to start planning a phase out now for anything unrelated to my handmade crafts (I buy most supplies from Dollar Tree) which are keeping me busier these days. I will need to keep my own reseller hosting account active until I also find a solution that works for me. I’ve been using WordPress but also looking at other options.

I’m likely to also quit offering my photos for sale on picfair, cafepress etc as that isn’t working well either. I will shift my main focus to my handmade stuff and use my camera to snap the finished goods. I also intend to keep snapping for the local school theater, it doesn’t really pay aside from getting into rehearsals at no cost but it is enjoyable.

I’m not taking new clients. As for existing clients, please read on. I’m sorry it has come to this, but I can’t afford to keep going. As your web hosting & domain or turnkey gets within 90 days of expiration I’m willing to help you transition to whatever you decide whether you go DIY or to another team, but that’s as much as I can do. I’m trying not to burn bridges if possible.